13 Latest Software Development Trends in 2022

This helps us track how they evolved in the past and to make educated guesses about what might happen next. According to Accenture, low-code and no-code development already stand for 75% of new app development. By simplifying development, low-code helps large companies adopt software at a faster pace than ever before — and it helps smaller teams move into the software with little to no budget. Decision intelligence is one of the most important software development trends because decisions are what make businesses and industries run. Since its invention in 2017, the software development world has been raving about blockchain’s potential, but it’s still too early to tell if mainstream adoption happens. Though there are some startups looking to capitalize on blockchain solutions, many companies won’t experiment with blockchain until it becomes far easier to implement and use.

Ever since the introduction of AngularJS in 2014, the language became more capable of sustaining many backend operations simultaneously. It was always a strong candidate for frontend development, and the possibility to use JS both for client-side and server-side appeals to developers. Rather than building one great service, developers will break the functionality into manageable sections. The software will consist of microservices, where each one performs a single function but does it impeccably. Still, it’s only now that microservices might be able to peak, because of so many advancements in Cloud computing.

Outsourcing is a New Trend In Software Development Industry

It’s been used in a variety of applications, from web development to data science, and its popularity is expected to continue rising in the upcoming years. If you’re interested in building one of these new technologies in software development, don’t hesitate to refer to Intellectsoft for consultancy or help! We offer a comprehensive set of software development services, based on the 360o approach, client-centricity, domain expertise, and time-to-market.

This allows you to have up to two seats on the platform with three boards. It’s robust enough to allow unlimited document creation with more than 200 templates to choose from. When you upgrade to the Basic plan, you pay $8 per seat per month for the annual pricing plan. With the upgrade, you get 5GB of file storage, prioritized customer support and a dashboard you create based on one board. Experts predict edge computing will affect every IT infrastructure part, including the cloud. But some say there are disadvantages to edge computing, which brings us to cybersecurity.

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With the world still struggling to handle the pandemic and demand for software engineers still at a high level, you can expect low code development to be a big part of 2021. The Progressive Web App takes some of the best parts of mobile apps and websites. It provides a sleek User Experience without developers needing to build a version for each operating system. PWAs are built using Core Web Technologies like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.

Even though developers still prefer learning all-purpose languages like C, Python, Java, new languages have their niche. The last decade surprised us with many elegant languages, among which are Go, Swift, Rust, TypeScript. These tools are simpler to learn and master, the syntax is clearer, and the projects are easy to maintain. Voice-based interfaces are becoming increasingly popular among consumers, and perhaps they could also play a role in the future of software development.

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“The term ‘low-code’ is still somewhat new, but the idea has actually been around for a long time. Spreadsheets were the first low-code environment, starting with LANPAR in 1969 and skyrocketing with VisiCalc in 1979. Being cost-effective and efficient, Big Data systems utilize newer methodologies to make sense of huge amounts of information.

Software Development Trend 1: The Blockchain Technology – Beyond Bitcoin

Today, new features and code are being pushed out very quickly, so quickly that security testing cannot keep up. The IT outsourcing market reached $522 billion in 2021 and is expected to swell to $689 billion by 2027. IBM will launch 170 new partnerships with academic and industry leaders. That’s in addition to their earn-and-learn apprenticeship program for those without a bachelor’s degree. By 2030, there could potentially be 85 million jobs that are unfilled, costing the global economy $8.5 trillion.

It customizes solutions and pricing to suit the needs of the business. Technological innovation and advancement will further optimize the performance of the product, enabling it to acquire a wider range of applications in the downstream market. A PWA offers the user an experience akin to a native app, but you don’t need to download them from the app store. You also don’t need to update them, and they take no memory on your handheld device. Some reports say 65% of companies surveyed said they do not have enough cybersecurity workers. Also, the lack of skilled workers in this critical area is their primary concern.

  • AR is a type of reality enhanced by computer-generated images, while VR is a type of reality created using simulated environments.
  • Slower and often lower quality communication, the lack of human interaction, and difficulties with work-life balance in themselves cause extra stress.
  • Not only this but with newer technology coming in like “distributed cloud”, the need for this technology is going to rise even more.
  • These last two disruptions may have been the straw that broke the camel’s back on the old approach for conventional development.
  • While a lot still gets ignored, Big Data is the ideal solution to make good use of it.

DevSecOps is an approach to software development that integrates security into the development process from the very beginning. It aims to shift security left, meaning that security considerations are taken into account from the earliest stages of the development process, rather than being an afterthought. Even technologies in this list such as IoT and Blockchain function as a cloud service. The problem of data storage is real and cloud offers a reliable and secure alternative to that.

The increase in the adoption of new technology, such as containers and microservices, has become a new trend in the software world. Among other platforms, Kubernetes is a known and widely used container orchestration platform. It is also an open-source platform and surely among the top https://globalcloudteam.com/s for 2023. Global spending on blockchain technology has been continuously rising, and by the end of 2024, it is expected to be around $19 billion. As per a report, the number of blockchain apps will continue to see a rise in upcoming years. Blockchain is certainly a technology that cannot be ignored and is surely among the latest software development trends.

Experience-Driven Design

As a result, low-code/no-code development is likely to surge in popularity and be one of the top software trends for 2021. Today, U.S. enterprises are realizing that new systems can be created much faster and cheaper using low-code/no-code tools. Cloud computing will become increasingly popular as more organizations move their operations to the cloud.

Let’s go back to the past and see how Big Data that used to be just an experiment has become compulsory now? The reason is companies and startups around the world have begun reaping benefits like making use of data. To understand just what its customers want, it has built its whole credibility on the basis of using big data. Use our project cost estimator to get a cost estimate for your project based on start agency pricing and compare with our pricing to measure your savings. But slowly and eventually, organizations around the globe have identified several issues linked to staying home, and now, technology is being used to make things better. Technology has made many of our lives easier, but the fact is, it has brought some challenges along as well.

You know that the cloud allows businesses to access the infrastructure they need when they need it. Similarly, Daas will allow businesses to access the exact data they want and when they want, eliminating redundancy. Well, we are not going there yet, but in the coming years, the implantation of technologies into the human body and the human brain will begin to advance. The physical and cognitive improvements in the human experience are actually the goal. The biggest example of HA is that wearables are becoming extremely common in the manufacturing and mining industries now. In fact, many industries and companies have mandated it to wear microchips on their hands so that they can use them for their daily work.

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Artificial superintelligence — Hypothetically, AI software will not just mimic human behavior and brain processes, but will reach self-awareness and surpass our capabilities. We are unlikely to see this concept in practice in the foreseeable future. AutoML tools make the creation of the machine learning pipeline more simple and transparent.

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A lot of development is made in the software section as it is slowly becoming the backbone of this computer world. For many, it feels as if everything is done from the comfort of their homes, or maybe while enjoying a vacation in Bali. Whatever it is, people have chosen to work remotely and organizations around the globe have understood it well. The change will happen more swiftly than you can comprehend, and the technology will know you.

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Motorhome Vehicle Market worth USD 62.53 Bn by 2029 competitive landscape , demand, and supply chain, key market players by region and forecast in 2029.

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This is a projected growth of more than 26% in just seven years’ time. If eCommerce is part of your business strategy, now is the time to start thinking about the ways you can innovate for voice technology. This is a software development trend that is gaining momentum, but there is still time to be a first mover and capitalize on the latest tech innovations. No matter in which industry you’re working, there is something new to adopt in every industry. The app development trends of today will probably not be the same in a year or two.

Software Development Trend 2: Cross-Platform Development: Tools and Languages

AI has already become a core component in most software, from simple computer vision applications to enterprise-scale predictive analytics. Making huge gains in recent years, artificial intelligence seems to eye no end to this expansive growth. DevOps has changed the way we develop software leading to more agile and faster software developments while also improving the overall quality of software. However, as the cloud has become central to most software developments, along with increased reliance on the internet to deliver software, the threats for software may also increase.

Let’s get down to the fun stuff, and take a look at programming languages. It’s great to see that even though downsizing has become a common occurrence, many companies are hiring as well. The data shows that over half of the tech companies were not affected by the pandemic, or its negative and positive impacts evened out. On top of this, only slightly more companies experienced mostly negative effects than the ones that say they went through positive changes.

Software Development Trends to Watch Out in 2023

Trello remains in a distant second place as well, but there seems to be a trend emerging. Engineering managers consider hiring to be a far more important challenge than developers. This comes as no surprise, since dealing with hiring is a responsibility that comes with management. Knowledge sharing dropped to third place, while time management has become a more common challenge. It may be directly caused by remote work, as many participants say it upsets work-life balance and forces more meetings. Many people in the industry have trouble focusing on work with many distractions going on at home that they don’t have to deal with at the office.