X-ray Digitizing

Digitizing analog x-ray film offers many benefits and advantages to healthcare providers, individuals and many others. Digitization provides an efficient, portable, cost effective method of transporting and viewing of the clients x-ray film without the need of checking or loaning out of the original film for second opinions, legal needs or transferring records to another doctor or healthcare facility. Digital x-ray images created at Xray Express are fully Dicom 3 compliant and can be imported into any PACS system for viewing and storage. If the facility does not have a PACS system in place, the full-featured Dicom viewer included on each CD/DVD we create can be used in any Windows based computer to view the images. This viewer has many tools and capabilities that allow the doctor or radiologist to view and manipulate the images to allow accurate readings from the digitized x-ray film.

In order to scan analog x-ray film into digital Dicom images, professional, medical grade, diagnostic quality equipment must be used. All x-ray film scanners and software used in this process at Xray Express meet and exceed the requirements for digitizing x-ray film to Dicom images in order to produce the best quality, highest resolution digital images possible.

Healthcare facilities with archives of analog x-ray film can utilize our services to digitize their film to Dicom diagnostic digital images to view and store the film into PACS software. Additionally, the CD/DVD’s we create can be used as a backup of the images in cases of computer hardware failure. Digitizing of their archive also allows the space that had been dedicated to the film archive to be used for more profitable revenue generating possibilities. Off site storage can be eliminated. Additional cost saving can be achieved by not having to purchase expensive equipment or to maintain and train personnel to operate it.

Attorneys, Record Companies, Court Reporters and Insurance Companies needing obtain digital Dicom images of x-ray film needed in legal proceedings can use our services. Many doctors offices and healthcare facilities do not have the ability to provide film for legal x-ray duplication and digitization of subpoena records. Xray Express can take the film and digitize it to Dicom to meet the requirements of the request without the original film being loaned out. Once digitized, as many copies of the CD/DVD as needed can be made to send to opposing council, expert witnesses, depositions etc… The original film can be sent to us using a secure carrier to maintain the chain of custody and returned to you once the process is complete. Other formats of the images are available such as .jpeg and. tiff, which can be used in presentations and emailing purposes.

Patients needing to obtain duplications and digitization of their film can utilize our services to get diagnostic quality digital images allowing them to get second opinions or transfer to new doctors. Many doctor’s offices and healthcare facilities will not loan original x-ray film to patients knowing that it might not be returned, Xrayexpress can help. It can be sent to us, digitized and sent back to the facility from here to insure return.

Dentists can find our services useful to provide their patients with high quality digital images of the x-rays taken in their offices. Bitewings, PA’s and Pangrams can all be converted into digital Dicom images that can be used for transferring the patients records to another dentist or healthcare facility. These images can also be used for legal requirements and subpoenas for records allowing the original film to remain in the doctor’s control. We digitize the film and send it back to the doctor using a secure carrier.

Industrial X-Ray Film can also be digitized for archiving or duplication needs. While different than medical x-ray film, industrial (NDT) film that is digitized can offer a cost effective method of storage, back up and high quality digital images of the original films. Call us for the requirements of your project.

Xray Express can help with any x-ray film needs you may have. Our normal turn time is 24 to 48 hours from receipt in our office, large orders may require additional time. We offer superior quality and exceptional customer service to all our clients. Let Xray Express show you what we can do for your x-ray digitization needs. Give us a call to discuss you needs and concerns. We are here to help!