Xray Express has been providing x-ray film copy services to the medical and legal profession for over 20 years. Xray Express is our latest in a long series of x-ray duplication innovations. Originally established as an x-ray duplicating company in the DFW Metroplex area, we now expand our products and x-ray film and medical record digitizing services beyond the Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas perimeters.

We now offer custom solutions for the problems facing our medical and legal clients. Xray Express can convert CD’s to x-ray films. We can turn x-ray film into CD’s in multiple formats such as Tiff, JPG, or into Dicom.

X-Ray Duplication

We have the ability to create duplicate X-ray film from MRI, CT, Sonogram, Fluoroscopy, Plain X-Rays, Dental, Veterinary, Industrial (NDT) and many others. Learn More

Animal Services

We can take the digital images from your veterinarian and convert them to hard copy x-ray film for submission.

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X-Ray Digitizing

Digital x-ray images created at Xray Express are fully Dicom 3 compliant and can be imported into any PACS system for viewing and storage. Learn More